bughero6 asked:
say, are you still doing that mutants thing? what caused the mutations in the first place? chemical radiation, maybe? or just plain natural selection? are the mutants terrorizing 'normal' people or perhaps living underground or on a distant planet?

hmmm, good question. I kinda almost forgot the idea of mutants, but thanks so much for bringing it up again (I guess I couldn’t think of a storyline, so I gave up) 

I originally had them to be genetically engineered humans, so yeah, regular humans, transformed by science. But I couldn’t see that working out very well, I had lots of issues (first of all, what is the point for a scientist putting extra eyes on a kid?? why waste the money???)

I like the idea of it being an accident though. or being born with it. some kind of rare condition.

I came across different ideas for these mutants and their lives. First, in the science-ish-created-them universe, I had them stuck in a laboratory their whole lives. Then they were introduced to the world, who wasn’t very accepting of them (obvious cliche, right?)

Then I decided to have them hiding their “mutant” features instead, trying to blend in with the world. But then I had to make modifications on them, such as limiting their appearances to a way that it’s possible for them to blend in with humans. that got sort of boring for me, since I wanted them to look creepy, not just slightly weirder than an average person.

I actually did come across the idea of aliens a few times, but how much different would these humanoid aliens look than an actually human? and why did they come across earth??

You can tell I’m awful at coming up with story lines. I always have this little idea that comes into my head, but then I get stuck, and give up

but thanks for bringing up the mutants, maybe I’ll come up with some ideas now 



I’m really surprised at how much people trash on the Total Drama style and designs because it seriously has one of the most impressive ranges of female characters I’ve ever seen in any cartoon in my life.

Not a single one of these girls looks too much like another (aside from the identical twins).


from what I’ve seen in pictures and stuff, honey lemon from big hero 6 reminds me of (my oc) crystal. Both really tall blondes who are semi dorky and really peppy